The American Dream In The American Dream?

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Work, it looks like a truly insignificant part of our day. You clock in, then clock out, but on average, Americans work 43 hours per week out of a total of 120 hours. If you take out the recommended sleep time we end up working 43 out of 80 total hours. Therefore, Americans work more than half their daily lives. The majority of Americans believe in the American Dream, employees work excessively for the chance of being rich, successful and powerful. The problem is that the American Dream is getting less and less possible each and every day, Americans are having a harder and harder time finding jobs. The American Dream is central to what defines America today. America, as a capitalistic society depends on workers believing in The American Dream. America’s workers are tough, they work diligently and earn money to pay for other services from other Americans. Then, those workers spend their money on more services from other Americans. Where those workers use that same money for their own needs. It is a cycle of passing money around. The more money the average American has to spend, the more this system can continue to prosper. Americans cannot be lazy for this cycle to work. If a majority of Americans were to stop working, the cycle, and therefore, The American Dream would begin to crumble. The system is keep in place by diligent workers that get paid decently and consistently. The system breaks down when the unemployment rate is high and the average wage for a most Americans
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