The American Dream in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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American Hustle
Our big brothers, Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Jefferson, have advanced the state of this fraternity. We began as just pledges in the ΣΩβ fraternity, but with the passing of time we proved our worth and became kappa leaders. Our battle to become a national power representing the Greek life was hard fought, from our battles with our Greek brothers in the South, to the battles with our rivals across the sea. Oppression is the hazing process needed to become an American.
American society has you all fooled! They preach words of freedom and opportunity, while little did you know the whole system is rigged. Opportunity does not open its doors to the immigrant from Italy who wants to establish and continue his/her family business in America. Opportunity is a discriminator. It picks who gets to advance in the social hierarchy, contrary to the ideals of the American dream, a hope shared by the millions who wish they can come to America to gain equality, democracy, and material prosperity. It is in fact the corporate and political leaders of America that choose who can become a successful American. They are greedy creatures who wish to continue their success and American identity, known family career, in their blood lines. Families like the Rockefellers and the Carnegies who control industries, force immigrants to conform to the social inadequacies of America. They provide their children with the necessary means to succeed, while people coming to America…