The American Dream is Dead in Articles by Cal Thomas and Bob Herbert

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However the American Dream is perceived there is no question that the dream is on the verge of becoming extinct. Bob Herbert addresses this in his article "Hiding from Reality". He argues that the American Dream is dead. Similarly, Cal Thomas also argues that the American Dream is dead in his article "Is the American Dream Over?.” Although both authors agree that the American Dream is extinct, they have differing opinions as to why. While they both believe that the government plays a large part in the death of the American Dream, Herbert believes the government is not doing enough and Thomas argues the government is out of control. Herbert and Thomas both agree that America has become a hapless society that relies on others to make decisions, making personal responsibility elusive. Both men believe that until America recognizes the problem, finding a solution will be nearly impossible. Herbert argues the American Dream is in shambles. He bases his argument on the weak economy, high unemployment, declining educational standards and constant involvement in wars overseas. He says there is no doubt that the standard of living are far from where it once were. He states that the damage done by the recession has not even come close to being repaired. Herbert refers to statistics that show that foreign-born workers gained nearly half a million jobs while native-born Americans lost over one million jobs in 2009. Herbert states that the only way to revive the crumbling Dream is for

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