How Does Culture Affect The Edification Of The American Education System

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Education is a necessity across the globe, from America to Africa to China. Some education systems, however, are more successful than others and hold differing views and approaches to education. Culture greatly impacts education, which in turn impacts further opportunity. As unfair as it may be, a child’s cultural background largely determines their level of success. The American education system is lacking when compared to various other world cultures, and this is causing the socioeconomic gap to grow. Because of this inadequate education, more and more families are dipping beneath the poverty line. This could be due to poor discipline as well as the diversity of students. The diversity of the students results in a wide array of needs that are not being met by the public education system. This issue could be minimized by working to create a more inclusive academic environment to ensure equality and success.
One major factor of the subpar education system may be the American attitude towards education. Ramnath Subramanian, a journalist from the El Paso Times, describes this issue by addressing that, “the average American student is muddling his way through education with his face buried in a cell phone” (Subramanian). This educational slack may be as simple as a lack of discipline and focus, and the obsession with technology is only the tip of the iceberg. Eliminating cell phone use in school could show a dramatic impact on the edification of American students. An article

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