The Amontillado

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“In pace requiescat” were the last words spoken by Montresor as he forced the last stone, which separated him and the moribund body of Fortunato, into the wall. The story begins with a narration from Montresor he claims that the thousand injuries of Fortunato he had borne, as well as the insults, instigated his plan for revenge. He developed an ingenious plan which lead Fortunato to his demise. Using the information he knows about him and the setting, he successfully executes his plan.

Montresor begins his plan at a carnival, in Italy, which takes place sometime before Lent. He leads Fortunato into the catacombs below the carnival to show him the Amontillado that happens to be an expensive wine. This was the first step of Montresor’s plan …show more content…

This too was another part of Montresor's plan by bringing him into the damp catacomb he began coughing and to cure this he gave Fortunato a draught of the Medoc. Prior to entering the catacomb he had already drank several cups of wine at the carnival so Montresor simply added to his drunkenness. This made his plan to kill Fortunato easier for he was intoxicated and had no suspicion.

When they reached the end of the catacomb Montresor chains Fortunato to the wall and began building a barrier which left him to die. He notices that Fortunato is no longer intoxicated for he began to scream, however, Montresor lead him under the carnival for this purpose. The carnival is filled with chatter and raucous which left them clueless the screaming of Fortunato. As others enjoyed themselves at the carnival above Fortunato was suffocating in the catacomb below.

Years later Montresor, on his deathbed, reveals his plan of revenge, which he was so proud of. We learn through this that was Montresor was a vengeful and resourceful person. From the carnival to the catacomb just below it, he used every part of the setting to his advantage. Edgar Allen Poe’s story, “The Cask of Amontillado”, which followed Montresor and his brilliant plan of revenge will leave the readers horrified as they read about a killer's

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