The Analects Of Confucius Analysis

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The Analects of Confucius starts by describing the conversation among the master and its apprentices. Book 12, described how Confusions explains the importance of the art of good leadership and importance of considering the welfare of others during the creation of government. Confusions asserts that the construction of quality government depends on the creation state affairs, laws, rules and regulations governed by a leader that is capable of listening to its community. Similarly, Confucius also described the immense responsibility that a leader has, especially by setting the example of rectitude, equality and justice when serving or representing others. (Prime, minister). For instance, according to Shafritz, and Hyde (2017), “When a prince’s personal conduct is correct, his government is effective without issuing of orders. If his persona conduct is not correct he may issue orders, but will not be followed” (p. 21). By asserting this, Confucius tries to represent the idea of the importance of constructing a government with capable and skilled leaders that can be able to set the example of rectitude in order to form a positive relationship with its community. Furthermore, in book 12, it describes the significance of developing a good communication and relationship between leaders and servers. Leaders must be able to select officers that are willing to be humble, listen to the community and enforce the will of the state. Confucius instructed its apprentices to select

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