The Analysis Of Montresor’S Madness. One Of

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The Analysis of Montresor’s Madness One of the most critically-acclaimed short stories, “The Cask of Amontillado,” is well-known ­for covering one of the you used "one of the" twice in one sentence most intriguing topics: retaliation. The author, Edgar Allan Poe, lived an interesting life full of alcoholism and drug-addiction, but still managed to write many unforgettable pieces. like what? In this short story, Edgar Allan Poe focuses on Montresor and his determination to exact revenge on Fortunato, the man who had continuously insulted him in the past. Although no one has ever been able to fully comprehend the reasoning behind Poe’s choices in creating the characters, it has popularly been assumed that anger drove Montresor …show more content…

This must impact Montresor, as it reveals that from generation to generation in his family, it is taught to value revenge and to never accept being attacked. new paragraph Following the mention of the motto, Edgar Allan Poe provides even more evidence to explain Fortunato’s egotistical character. When Montresor mentions that he is a member of the brotherhood of masons, Fortunato chuckles, “You? Impossible! A mason?” (1120), as to say that in his opinion, there is no way that Montresor could be a mason. Back in the early 1800s, the brotherhood of masons was a highly-esteemed organization and only included well-respected men. make sure to cite a source here This proves that Fortunato clearly didn’t hold Montresor in high regard and surely believed that he couldn’t be a mason. From Montresor’s point-of-view, it makes sense why Fortunato’s failure to recognize his skills in this exchange would offend him. This exchange just adds fuel to the fire and serves to reveal just how even if he doesn’t quite mean it confusing wording , Fortunato’s actions just naturally come off as being offensive.
When discussing Montresor’s mental state, his methodical approach is a crucial indicator. When Montresor is enacting his plan for revenge, it is apparent that he had plotted and took time to configure each of his

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