The Anatomy Of The Muscle System

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Knowing the anatomy of the muscle system can help many people when understanding different parts of the field they study. Aspiring to be a cosmetologist, it is important for me to understand the muscle system in the way that certain muscles can stimulate certain reactions of the human body. Services such as facials and scalp massages involve the movement of the face, neck, back, head, arms, and hands. By knowing the way the muscular system is organized to better accommodate a client, a better and more successful cosmetologist can be formed. Also, by being aware of the best way to move and take care of my own muscles, I can avoid long term pain, fatigue, and other problems common to cosmetologists. Myology, the study of the nature, …show more content…

Next, the non-striated muscles are the exact opposite of striated muscles. These muscles are also known as smooth muscles and they function automatically without conscious will. They are involuntary. Non-Striated muscles are found in the internal organs of the body. An example of where you can find a non-striated muscle would be in the digestive or respiratory system. Lastly, the cardiac muscle is found in only one part of the body. The cardiac muscle contains the heart and is involuntary thankfully. If the heart was a voluntary muscle and you so happened forgot to make it pump blood, you would be doomed as a person. There are three parts of a muscle. The origin of the muscle is the part of the muscle that does not move and is attached closest to the skeleton. In the middle of the muscle, there is a part known as the belly. Lastly, the part of the muscle that moves and is farthest from the skeleton is the insertion. Connected to Cosmetology, when giving massages, pressure from the massage is usually directed from the insertion in to the origin. When giving massages, it is all about stimulation of the muscles of the body. Muscular tissue can be stimulated by massages, electrical therapy current, infrared light, dry heat, moist heat, nerve impulses, and certain chemicals. All of these things are used one way or another during services performed by Cosmetologists. Mainly, Cosmetologists focus on the muscles

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