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V. Best Practices
According to Business Dictionary (2017), best Practices are defined as “a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark”. To help Ship Greene reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve routing efficiency, and increase overall freight capacity, this chapter will be discussing a brief background on the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership program and how Ship Greene can meet its sustainability objectives by joining it. Additional best practices for freight trucking sustainability improvements and related case studies will also be examined.
Best Practice 1. SmartWay Program (Include table for Smartway transport partnership program)
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Becoming a SmartWay Carrier Partner helps trucking companies achieve the following: If you want, summarize the next section or leave it out
• Credible efficiency tracking and carbon accounting: EPA 's performance tools are the "gold standard" of fuel efficiency and carbon accounting in the freight transportation sector, ensuring that your tracking efforts are consistent with industry best practices.
• Demonstrated commitment: Your customers and clients look to SmartWay as their preferred way of identifying more efficient carriers. Your participation quickly signals that efficiency is a priority for your company.
• Measurable results: Track the metrics that matter most to your bottom line. By benchmarking and monitoring your performance, you see how you compare to your peers, as well as how your efforts affect results on a year-to-year basis. SmartWay provides reports that make it easy to show improvements.
• Operational efficiencies: You can 't fix what you don 't measure. SmartWay helps you identify inefficiency and waste that costs you money, and allows you to make strategic improvements year after year.
• Sustainability innovations: Tap into industry expertise and best practices through expert webinars, meetings, and case studies.
• Continuous improvement: Your annual participation in SmartWay provides business intelligence that helps pinpoint real achievements and uncover

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