The And Criticisms Of Laswell 's Work Essay

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-Theories of his works

- Case Study

-Praises and Criticisms of Laswell’s Work

- Other areas where Harold Laswell was also known



He ls an American political scientist and a Communications Theorist who was popular for his extensive research in the areas of Politics. He was also a leader in the applications of Psychology principles to Politics and also in designing a structure of Politics which is based on theories of Natural Sciences.
He was born and raised in Donnellson, Illinois, to a Presbyterian clergyman father and a school teacher mother.
As a result of his good school results, he was given a grant to study sociology at the University of Chicago and graduated in 1922.He received a PhD from the same institution at the age of 24 in 1926. His final thesis which was on Propaganda Technique in the World War written in 1927 is in the forefront in the studies and research of Communication Theories.

Harold Laswell later attended the universities of London, Geneva, Paris and Berlin – and he focused on Sigmund Freud ideas which was instrumental to his psychological approach in Political Science.

He was one of the most creative and deep thinking political scientist during his era, who had a Multidisciplinary Academic background and yet did not major in any specific areas or disciple but choose to celebrate the Multi-Dimensional Nature of his works.
One area in which he focused on, is the

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