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Over the past couple years there has been an ever increasing amount of reports against police using excessive force when the situation does not call for it. Every time a case like this happens hundreds if not thousands of dollars are wasted to correct the situation. This is due to the conflicting statements between eyewitnesses and law enforcement officers. Forensic investigations are needed to understand what most likely occurred. When we are little we were told to always trust police officers because they are there to look out for us, but not every police officer has that same idea. The officers are people and people are flawed by nature but we hold them to a higher standard and that their word is worth more than the average citizen in a court of law. This leads to officers being considered correct until valid conflicting evidence is introduced where the officer is shown in the wrong. Thankfully modern advances in technology, specifically smart phones, are causing new evidence to be provided to be in video format more often. Body cameras are one of the proposed solutions to help solve this ongoing conflict due to their easy implementation but the cameras have hidden costs that are not immediately thought of. Overall the cost of using cameras is outweighed by the social benefits gained from implementing them. Michael Brown was an unarmed eighteen year old African-American male when he was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The incident caused an

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