The Anonymous Diary of a Female Journalist during the Occupation Period of Soviet Russia in Berlin

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The anonymous diary of a female journalist during the occupation period of Soviet Russia in Berlin gave a deafening voice to a completely silent victim, the ethnically Germanic female citizen in postwar Germany. This discourse of power relations and sexual appeal come together fluidly in this book. There is also a voice of women in history that has been growing ever stronger which this diary adds to. Without this diary, the victimization and helplessness of the German woman goes overall untold. This diary also adds a valuable insight into the absolutism of policies against these German women carried out by the Soviet male soldiers coming into the capital during and after the Siege of Berlin. These together add a precious window to the databank of knowledge in the understanding of the totality of war and the personal experience of struggling of survive during the Second World War where rape is not only a war tactic and military policy in breaking down the German people but also a spoil of that war itself. What is more is the majority of German people still alive in Berlin are mostly women.
The role of genders and the discourse between the Germans and Soviets is left even more explicit when you consider the fact that the city is made of mostly women, leaving only German children boys and elderly men that cannot defend themselves let alone their German women and the Soviet female soldiers who lack any remorse for the German women being raped. This in itself adds a tremendous

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