The Antiwar Movement: The Vietnam War Movement

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The Vietnam War raged on from 1954-1975, taking over three million lives with it. Conflicts rooted in the cold war resulted in the United States sending troops to defend South Vietnamese democracy. However as the war became more lengthy and expensive, many civilians began to protest the United States participating in the war, creating the Antiwar Movement. Though the movement had lasting effects on society, it did not immediately cause the United States to retreat from Vietnam. The antiwar movement of the 1960’s, which is deeply connected with the transcendentalist belief of Civil Disobedience, protested the involvement of the United States in the infamous Vietnam War, and has had numerous effects on the American Military and Government to this day. However, the movement that strived for peace did not completely accomplish its goal of ending the United States’ involvement in international armed conflict.
“It is impossible to win a long protracted war without popular support” (The Antiwar Movement). The Antiwar movement had a significant impact on the United States Military, as the movement reflected the power of civilians in their government’s fighting force. In the beginning of the war, the United States Military had the support of its people in the pursuit to protect …show more content…

The Vietnam War began in 1954 with an expected amount critics but these opponents eventually became the basis for the movement. Protests and demonstrations over time gained momentum, creating a community of civilians working to bring troops home from Asia. While the war did end in 1975, it took the antiwar movement alongside the government almost 20 years to do so. The movement also did not prevent the United States from entering other international armed conflict, one of their main goals. In the years to come the United States found itself in other conflicts such as the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq

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