The Apology : Letters From A Terrorist

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Aspects of human behavior refers to the physical action and any observable emotions associated with individuals. Jason Hartley and Laura Blumenfeld wrote their own respectable essays, which were published as anthologies in Portable Legacies by Jan Schmidt and Lynne Crockett. Each of these essays has its own personal message and meaning to them and both essays show the positive and negative attributes of human behavior. Jason Hartley essay “I Jailor “ was about Hartley experience in the Middle East serving our country as a U.S. Soldier in our military and how the U.S. military and the Iraqi police mistreated its prisoners who were in the custody of the Iraqi police and the United States army. Laura Blumenfeld essay “The Apology: Letters …show more content…

The reason Hartley said he felt stupid, petty and cowardly because of the way his sergeant was treating the prisoners.The master sergeant was mistreating the prisoners that the prisoners need to yell “okay, sergeant, that’s enough”(865). The reason the prisoners were yelling “sergeant that’s enough” because when the master sergeant was using duct tape as a method to abuse and interrogate the prisoners to see if the prisoner were a threat to Iraq or a threat to public safety. Hartley did not like that his sergeant mistreating human beings that it made him feel cowardly and disgust because he could not tell his boss that he does not approve of his methods.
Laura Blumenfeld 's essays also shows two aspects of human behavior, the two aspects of human behavior that was shown in her essay was bravery and confusion. The first aspects of human behavior that was shown in her essay was confusion. The first specific example from the text that shows how Blumenfield was confused is when Blumenfeld states in her essays “Why else would they chose him to be shot “(845). The reason why this quote is a perfect example of Blumenfield confusion because Laura Blumenfeld is trying to get a better understanding of all the people in the market square why would they chose her father to be shot at. The second and final aspect of human behavior that was shown in this essay was Blumenfeld bravery.

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