The Art Of The Folk

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The Art of the Folk: Jazz, Blues, Folktales, Dance: The Harlem Renaissance During the nineteenth- mid-twentieth century, folk became very popular and widely known within the nation. Folk is considered the ordinary citizens of a public or district considered as the agents of a conventional lifestyle and particularly as the originators or bearers of the traditions, convictions, and expressions that make up an unmistakable culture. When people started to realize, their potential and become open to the public about their abilities, the art of the folk begun to suddenly become more diverse. It became diverse in jazz, blues, folktales, and dance; some of the major aspects that caused todays music to be what it is in the twenty first century. …show more content…

Jazz has no impediments, no course of music. Jazz is extemporization, and an approach to express happiness and passion. Jazz became very popular around the world. New Orleans was the one place where the stunning and uncovering jazz style advanced. Jazz became so advanced that other artists noticed that each instrument that was played had a different sound that could attract to the soul. The instruments were, cornet, clarinet, trombone, tuba or bass, piano, banjo, and drums ( These instruments turned into a splendid arrangement underscoring free additionally pleasingly synchronized music lines. Jazz was very influential in the music industry. Charlie Parker one of the greatest musicians of all times once said, “Master your instrument, master the music, then forget all that and just play.” (Parker 2.) During the Harlem Renaissance jazz became an outlet on how African Americans expressed their feelings without words. It became the reason as to why we have blues, and other famous types of artistic expression.
Blues, on the other hand is considered the sibling of Jazz and of the Harlem Renaissance era. Blues is a vital sort of music. Most music that you hear today has some type of recreation of the blues. The blues created a way for the music that we have today. Without blues there would not be any hip hop, rap, pop, R and B or gospel. Blues is likewise critical for African American culture. African Americans were additionally the general population who began

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