The Article On A Wild Tongue By Gloria Anzaldua

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In the article How to Tame a Wild Tongue written by Gloria Anzaldua covers a real life story that Gloria lived. She was born into a Mexican home in the United States during the 1970s. She was looked down upon by her peers due to the fact that she spoke Spanish. When she was in school they got her in trouble because she spoke Spanish in one of her classes. Gloria also never knew that Spanish words were not all male dominant, they also applied to females. The biggest struggle for Gloria was that she often used both English and Spanish when she would talk to her peers. While some argue that she was in the wrong, I believe that she has a right to keep in touch with her roots because nobody should be ashamed of where they come from. According to Gloria Anzaldua her childhood was not the brightest of them all. She was of Mexican descent raised in the United States of America. In the 70s Spanish settlers were looked down upon. There was no exception for her. She was criticized for being Mexican and a lesbian. When she was in school the teachers would get her in trouble for talking in Spanish when she was only telling the teacher how to properly pronounce her name. Through all the obstacles in her path she was still able to academically achieve and become a school teacher. Before passing away in 2004 Gloria wrote some great articles of what she went through that went off and are still used in today’s time. I can relate to Gloria because I too got in trouble for speaking Spanish

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