The As A Weapon For Fight The Evil Blood Sucking Monster

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As Bram Stoker uses the Eucharist as a weapon to fight the evil blood sucking monster; he arises questions about conflicting religion views, engrosses the anxieties of the Victorian population regarding superstition and brings about the blasphemous theme of Dracula as epitome of the one true God and his omnipotence in Western religions.
During the frenzy provoked by the opposing views of the Church of England and those of the Roman Catholic; a 19th-century movement rose which thrived for a renewal of the Roman Catholics thoughts and tendencies called The Oxford Movement. This movement was prevalent during the times and even coincided with the implementation of a Parliamentary Legislation attempting to restrict Ritualism within the Church
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He swiftly presented symbols used by the Roman Catholic Church and influenced his clan of Christian vampire busters into switching from their instilled rigorous beliefs which marked the use of the crucifix sacrilegious.
In the Novel when Harker is offered the crucifix by the woman and he says:
“Bless that good, good woman who hung the crucifix on my neck! For it is a comfort and a strength whenever I touch it. It is odd that a thing which I have been taught to regard with disfavor and as idolatrous should in a time of loneliness and trouble be of help” (Stoker, 54).
Then he goes on to implying that there is something special about that cross but he will later revisit his curiosity and try and make sense of it. Alike every theory of belief and every concept of religion we as humans are embedded into bringing rationality and skepticism to assure conscious and scientific evidence is brought into consideration. But Stoker brands the crucifix as the holy sword that will defeat the enemy hinting to his Anglican roots and ritualistic tendencies. Although all of the members of the band of vampire busters are skeptical of the methods; they end up conforming to their frowned upon superstitious significance and constantly rely on the significance of God and seek comfort knowing if they hang on to the crucifix or the Holy Wafer they can be protected from the genocidal forces of the evil vampire.
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