The Aspect Of Language Development

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Nowadays, with continuous enhancement of economy and culture globalization, bilingual or multilingual speakers are increasing all around world. In United States, one out of five elementary school students speak another language other than English at home. Although some parents prefer their children exposed to monolingual environment, the mainstream trend is more and more children in America speak one language at home but another language at school, or use both first and second language at school. Bilingual education becomes more and more important for bilingual children growing up in target language environment. Commonly, children learn second language through two different sequences, one is simultaneous acquisition, and another is sequential acquisition. Which means they can choose to learn two languages at same time, or study second language after first language is well mastered. But for babies or toddlers under three years old, they seem to receive language passively; lots of people wonder how could these toddlers develop two languages and how could parents or bilingual educators guide them effectively. This paper aims to review literature on the aspect of language development of Bilingual toddlers; the theory results would contribute to effectively develop one to three years old bilingual toddlers’ language acquisition.

Research Questions
There are two research questions:
1. What are the language development achievements of bilingual toddlers from age one…
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