The Atomic Explosion Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki

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The disagreement whether it was necessary for the United States to drop the bomb on either Hiroshima and Nagasaki has been going on for about half a century. Many have argued that Harry S. Truman did the right thing while others disagree that it was a horrible decision. There is technically not a right or wrong answer because no one knew what could have happened if the United States did not drop the bombs on either cities. There can only be disagreements over the decisions a leader could make in order to protect its people from being killed. Not knowing what could happen if the bomb was used on people Truman still decided to drop it on both cities. The first atomic explosion to ever be witnessed was the atomic bomb, which was named Trinity, in the desert that was near a city called Alamogordo in New Mexico by the Manhattan Project scientist. It is said, “a blinding flash of light, perhaps brighter than any ever before seen on earth, followed by a huge, billowing mushroom cloud”(1) was the first atomic explosion to leave a crater in the barren desert. The Manhattan Project was a development project during World War II that was known to be scientific and technological and produced nuclear weapons in hidden laboratories throughout the nation. After Truman heard about the explosion he demanded a final warning to the Japanese to surrender by August 3 if not they would face total demolition. On August 6, Truman realizes that the Japanese failed to surrender so he ordered the air

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