The Attributes Of Leadership As A Nurse Role

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As a motivated workforce and role model in the dynamic and rapid changing of health care system, leadership skill is one of the most important competencies of advanced practice nurse (APN). This skill should be taught, practiced, nurtured and enhanced during APN education more than ever before. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) state that nurses are important full partners and leaders in the transformation of health care (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, & O’Grady, 2014). According to Hamric et. al (2014), nurses should take on more leadership roles to have their voices heard. APNs not only have a stake in these efforts, but also have the clinical expertise and leadership that can ensure success (Hamric et. al, 2014). This paper aims to examine the …show more content…

Vision is defined that the ability to anticipate the future and communication that image to others (Harmic et al., 2014). Visionary leaders are the individuals who are not only big thinkers, but also a master of knowledge and own the ability to see alternatives to current thinking on a given issue. They have ability to fore see, set priorities, participate and prepare well for early in the changes process, before change occurs and set the stage for the events that follow. They also provide the guiding principles, positive directions and inspire their followers to reach the ultimate goal.
.Risk taking and self-confidence taking is another attribute of the effective leader. Self-confidence and risk taking leaders could be the individuals who access, analyze all available information and self-confidently make the educated decision centered on their own knowledge, skills and evidence. Not only trying to anticipate consequences of actions, having a schema set up to judge the implementation, theses leaders also are ready to accept the failure, take it as a learning experience and ready to take risks again until achieve the desired outcome. By learning self-confidence and risk taking, graduate level nurse is likely to make goal that is practical choice predicated on their knowledge, critical skills and so are very spontaneity and flexibility in response to conflict, opposition, anger, as well as other responses to alter and high-risk

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