The Australian Legal System Of Australia

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It is said that: The Australian legal system has been described as “…nine legal systeMs., not one…”(Bailey and Bell(2011), Construction Law in Australia, 3rd ED. Lawbook Co.)
In Australia, “A body of rules for the guidance of human conduct buy which may be enforced by the authorities concerned” known as law have vastly large different types and are applied into different area of society. In general, the law in Australia could be put into the following two categories:
Public laws deal with laws that interest of the public is the main area of applications. Public law includes Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Industrial Law, and Taxation Laws. Private laws deal more with individual rights and their relation sheep between private citizens. Private laws include Contract Law, Tort Law, Law of Succession, Property Law, Corporate Law, and Banking Law. However there is a lot law that deal with both public and private sectors. Australian laws are based on the English Law systeMs., It is developed using the common law idea which have characteristic including but not limited to: Doctrine of Precedent, which looks at past cases considered either binding or persuasive and make judgment accordingly; influences other decisions meaning the past case and decisions will be reviewed and have an impact on proceeding cases; the proceeding is overseen by a judge who acts as a “umpire” and enforces the rules of law proceeding, arbitrate on matters raised from practicing the
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