The Author of the Black Death: John Aberth Essay

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Author, John Aberth was born on July 6, 1963. He currently lives in Roxbury, Vermont and serves as an associate academic dean at Castleton State College. There he teaches several history class. He has also taught at many other colleges in Vermont, including the University of Vermont. In 1992, John Aberth received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in Medieval Studies after he received his masters from the University of Leeds. He is the author of five books, whose main focus is the effects of the Black Death in the later Middle Ages, including The First Horsemen: Disease in Human History, The Black Death: The Great Mortality of 1348-1350, and A Knight at the Movies: Medieval History on Film. Published in 2001, From the Brink of the …show more content…

Aberth dedicates the first section to the First Horseman, Famine. The beginning of the chapter is focused on the decline of medicine in the Middle Ages. He insists that men's actions led to famine by ways of warfare, monies, and the provision of armies. The second chapter is devoted to the Second Horseman, War. The most famous war during the Middle Ages is the Hundred Years' War. It is there that Aberth begins his chapter. He explains that the shift from chivalry to a "new desire and determination to exterminate the enemy" (p. 63) is the cause of war. The third chapter is committed to the third horseman, Plague. Many previous scholars believed the death rates from the Black Plague were between one-fourth and one-third of the population. Through careful research Aberth revised those numbers and increased them to about forty percent. “He asserts that there is no link between hunger and disease, citing a high death rate among the well-fed monks of Canterbury and the secular nobility," Edson Piedmont from Choice Reviews. The fourth chapter is concerned with the fourth horseman, Death. Aberth observed many artifacts and tombs built during the Middle Ages. He found that the tombs portrayed the dead as decaying corpses. He also studied the Dance of Death who purpose was to create hope of resurrection, salvation, and eternal life. The topic on which John Aberth chose to write about is interesting to many people, including younger

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