The Autobiography By Frederick Douglass

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The autobiography by Frederick Douglass is very interesting. It talks about his life and his contribution to the abolition movement. This is an incredible tell perseverance to be with his love that is free in the north and to help others that have been in captivity. Before the book starts he gives a pretty face by William Lloyd Garrison and a letter from Wend ale Phillips. He 's done this because he wants people to know that he is a runaway slave that is smart and able to write in his book is his own book. And the pre-face when Lloyd Garrison describe his first encounter with Fredrick Douglas at and it is labor convention in and Tackett Massachusetts in 1841. This led to a longtime friendship between Douglas and the antislavery Clytie. Douglas spoke to the audit about his life undersleeves very and already responded well to Douglas impressions and the intellectuals. Also Garrison says that he fully supports the narrative by Douglas and declared that this narrative is Douglass’s own work and is entirely truthful. It gives the book its merits to become a bestseller. Garrison also gives a story about a white man that was ship wreck and became a slave or Africa for three years. After he was found he was unable to remove his language and his power a reason. This concluded that the Detroit deterioration of the man 's mine to a result of slavery you and not to a certain race. Garrison off so discusses the issues of slave-owners Kelly slaves and being not punished. Douglas
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