The Average Cost For Lung Cancer Surgery Is Around 15,000

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The average cost for lung cancer surgery is around 15,000 dollars. If that option doesn 't work chemotherapy costs anywhere from 10,000 to 200,000 dollars. Now this is something only smokers have to fear right? Wrong, sadly from second hand smoke many non-smokers suffer from many of the same tobacco illnesses as every day smokers. In order to stop this the amount of smoke in the air needs to be reduced, there needs to be more alternatives, and people need to be better educated on the dangers they expose themselves and others to. All around, second hand smoking is an increasing problem that needs to be addressed.
Second hand smoking is a larger problem that most people overlook due to an arrogant perspective. Second hand smoking is …show more content…

So when people vape around kids thinking it 's ok it isn 't going to hurt them, that 's the opposite it actually is. Also just to prove that second hand smoking is a dangerous health concern, since the surgeon general in 1964 there has been whopping, “ 2.5 million” deaths due to tobacco illnesses, but these people never smoked as cigarette. Which is ridiculous not only from a health standpoint, but also an economical standpoint. Medicare and medicaid spend billions on tobacco illnesses. For a country constantly sinking in debt that doesn 't sound like the best investment, to spend billions on someone 's habit. Now second hand smoking has been mentioned a lot, but what exactly is second hand smoking? Well it is more than just what the smoker exhales, it also included the smoke from the burning end of the cigarette. These two sources combined contain more, “7,000 chemicals. Hundreds of toxins, and about 70 can cause cancer” (Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke). So how did this problem begin and get so out of hand? Believe it or not it all started with second hand smoking, well kind of. The native americans smoked it at religious ceremonies, but were not addicted and didn 't smoke it everyday. Though when the european settlers came over the got a scent of the smoke coming from natives pipe, they were intrigued. Then once they tried it and

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