Ancient Egypt: Balance Between Men And Women

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“One of the central values of ancient Egyptian civilization was ma'at - the concept of harmony and balance in all aspects of one's life. This ideal was the most important duty observed by the pharaoh who, as a mediator between the gods and the people, was supposed to be a role model for how one lived a balanced life.” This balance was seen in society as well as a balance between men and women. Women in Ancient Egypt were treated very well compared to women in other ancient worlds such as in Ancient Greek.
Women in Ancient Egypt were equal to men in most areas. Although men did often hold the more powerful and authoritative jobs, women still had much authority. Men tended to fight, run the government, and manage the farms while women …show more content…

This is shown in many different aspects, from social customs to religion. Women could marry whomever they chose and they were allowed to get divorced. They were able to get jobs, to some degree, and they could travel. The Egyptian Gods were both male and female. Since ladies were considered legitimately skilled, they did not require the supervision or endorsement of a man in order to seek after lawful activity. Marriages were not arranged by the men of the household. If a woman chose to get a divorce, society would not look down on her. However, life-long marriages were preferable in the eyes of society. Brier and Hobbs comment on this: “Whether rich or poor, any free person had the right to the joys of marriage. Marriage was not a religious issue in Egypt - no function including a minister occurred - however just a social tradition that required an understanding, which is to state an agreement, consulted by the suitor on the group of his planned spouse. The agreement involved an exchange of objects of value on both sides. The suitor offered a sum called the "virginity gift" when appropriate, to compensate the bride for what she would lose, indicating that in ancient times virginity was prized in female brides. The gift did not apply in the case of second marriages, of course, but a "gift to the bride" would be made even in that case. In return, the family of the bride-to-be offered a "gift in order to become a wife." In many cases,

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