The Ballad Of Birmingham, By Duley Randall

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Many poems deal with the harsh realities of the death of a loved one and how those affected begin to heal as they work through the process of grieving. The Ballad of Birmingham, Eating Alone and Eating Together all portray individuals dealing with a devastating loss in their life, and the authors use their personal life experiences and views, incorporating them their writings. In The Ballad of Birmingham the author, Duley Randall, works to convey a tragic scene of loss. The event that Randall is referring to is the September 15th, 1963 bombing, in Birmingham Alabama, of a predominantly African-American church. This bombing resulted in the deaths of four young girls; Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins, and Cynthia Wesley, and also many others were injured. This hate crime was committed by four members of the Ku Klux Klan as an act of terrorism against the Afro-American people. Duley Randall was one of the first African-American writers and poets. Randall was born in 1914 and had personally experienced much racism first-hand throughout his life. Because of this Randall had a personal connection to the same prejudice felt by the black community and could relate to the people of Birmingham. Actually, the bombings in Birmingham impacted him and the nation deeply and were a major reason why Randall chose to begin writing about the events of the time. He focused on the events that were related to the racial injustices endured by the people. Many feel his

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