Essay about The Batter: Short Story

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Short Story With over a hundred hours of batting practice this season, Paul planted his feet firmly against the soft dirt. He took a deep breath and readied himself for the pitch. The ball bolted towards the strike zone, and Paul started his swing. He swung his bat with perfection. In his head, Paul knew it would be the best hit of the year. “Strike three!” The umpire hollered. It took Paul all but a second to realize that he struck out for the tenth consecutive time, and that he caused the Mustangs to lose the championship game. He walked towards the dugout; his teammates stared at him with grudge.
Sergio stomped towards Paul and shouted, “Why did you swing at that? Are you blind? Now you made us lose the most …show more content…

See you later looser!”
Paul left the training facility and went back to his hometown. He worried that he might not have the ability to play baseball again. Insults from Coach Eduardo and Sergio destroyed Paul’s passion for baseball. One day, while walking down the street, Coach McRoy approached Paul and said, “Hey, I heard that you got cut from the Mustangs.”
“Yeah,” replied Paul in disappointment.
“Would you like to play baseball again? You’ve worked so hard. It would be a waste if you gave up baseball.” Memories of baseball filled Paul’s mind. He knew that he loved the sport, but was he willing to take the risk of failure again? “I guess you’re right coach, but the season is almost starting and teams have already drafted their players.” “Paul, you don’t have to worry about that. I’ve already signed you on my team. Come to the team’s training center tomorrow at five in the morning, and I will start training you to become a better player. Welcome to the Thunderbirds.” Stepping into a new training center made Paul feel____. The Thunderbirds’ training center looked mediocre compared to the one the Mustangs had. The training equipments were usable, but well worn out. It seemed as if no one paid a visit to this building, or the field that was beside it, for a long time. Although the environment looked rural, Paul ceased to feel disappointed because he could play baseball again. Coach McRoy made Paul start

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