The Battle Of Midway During World War II

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Introduction The Battle of Midway was a critical turning point of the war in the Pacific during World War II. Attribution to American success is in direct relation to their ability to conduct signal collection and crypto-analysis leading to the battle. The elimination of this capability from consideration during the preparation for this battle will drastically influence the outcome. Through critical reasoning and battle analysis, this paper will determine the level of effect of the capability. The analysis will also seek to understand the change in outcome as a result of this change in history. The product of this analysis will be a thorough understanding of the importance of intelligence capability to United States success during World War II. Setting the Stage Prior to the war, Japanese military action in China caused concern among the United States and their allies. In an attempt to curb this activity, the allies sought to limit the passage of steel and petroleum to Japan (USHMM, 2016). The reception of this action as an act of war by the Japanese led to their attempted expansion into the Pacific. The intent of this action was to supersede US power in the Pacific and secure these resources. In an attempt to pre-emptively defeat the United States, the Japanese decided to seize the initiative. This occurred through a surprise attack against the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. While on the surface the attack was successful, damaging or destroying 8
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