The Battle Of New Orleans

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The Battle of New Orleans was significant because it was the biggest part of the American Revolution for the United States. Andrew Jackson and his untrained army outsmarted the British, causing them to retreat and in result stopping the British from capturing New Orleans. The Battle of New Orleans was also important because it was the last major battle of the War of 1812. Andrew Jackson, America’s General who led the war, would be known as an American hero after this war. General Jackson heard about the British advancing towards New Orleans and he felt like he needed to save New Orleans. On January 8, 1815, American forces, under Major General Jackson, defeated the British forces trying to capture New Orleans. The battle, which takes place after the treaty of Ghent has been signed, was the most successful American victory of the war.

The British chose New Orleans as their major objective, because of different reasons. One being they hoped they could separate Louisiana from the rest of the United States, also wanting control of the Mississippi river valley. Another main reason why they attempted to take over New Orleans was because they wanted to teach the United States a lesson. The British wanted to try and prove that they were the strongest military in the world. Then when they found out about the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon, who they had captured and defeated. They really got upset because they felt like Louisiana should be part of their ally’s territory, Spain.

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