The Battle Of The Civil War Essay

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Throughout the years 1861 to 1865 the American Civil War took place and it is known as Americas bloodiest war. The cause of the Civil war was the debate between free states and slave states over the government trying to prohibit slavery. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln became president of the United States and ran on the platform to keep slavery out of the new unclaimed territories of the United States. Once Lincoln became president seven southern states seceded from the Union ultimately creating the Confederate states of America according to The reason the Civil war was so gruesome was due to the advent of rifling within military training. Secondly the reason for such a bloody war was the invention of the Mene ball by General Henry Shrapnel. The mene ball was cone shaped with a hollow base. When the Mene ball would hit its target pieces of the metal ball would disperse in every direction not only hitting its target but those around it. At the end of the war there were 620,000 soldier deaths, 50,000 civilian deaths. There were roughly as many deaths in this one war than all other U.S. wars combined. The films Gods and Generals and Gettysburg will be compared and contrasted in order to show the differences between the two films and what exactly changed between each film. The film Gods and Generals takes place right when the Union troops are tasked to repel the rebellion. Robert E Lee was offered command of the Union army but he declined the offer. Thomas Stonewall

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