The Battle Of The Imperial System

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Minae Mizumura argue in “Who Wants to Marry an Emperor” that being married to an emperor is a fool’s errand; women are the ideal candidates of an noble emperor. Despite her trivial attacks on male emperors, men are undoubtedly far superior in ruling justified by their extension back to antiquity rulers, capability, and traditional essence. The imperial system has extended across thousands of years of Japanese history; it’s pitiful to say that it’ll come to a closing fairly soon. The imperial system demands a male to be the successor of the emperor, which is the responsibility of the empress to supply. When newborns that are produced aren’t male, the imperial system draws closer to impairment. As degrading as it may sound, a women’s entirety is reduced to a “womb”. Why would you want to marry into a life so demeaning? Why are male constituted as the sole heir of the throne of an emperor? What happens when imperialism is gone? Mizumura; a Japanese Novelist, argues that no sane woman would marry an emperor, and that times have changed, women can easily dictate the role of an emperor. Mizumura is a fan of the imperial system; she wants to see Japan flourish as a part of imperialism. Nonetheless, she doesn’t agree with how women are handled when being affiliated with the future emperors. Noteworthy women are being reduced to a body for fertility, which is wrong on all occasions. Mizumura also disagrees with male being the sole heirs. Male successors acquiring the throne after an
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