The Battle Of The Napoleonic Wars

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Following in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars (1804-1815) in which Napoleon conquered much of Europe, came the emancipation of the Jews of Western Europe. For hundreds of years prior to the campaigns and protests that sought to seize Semitist equality, Jews were economically and politically marginalized and physically confined to the ghettos of Europe, specifically, France. Successful political crusades later tore down these inadequate walls and unjust social and legislative rules but, their scars forever remained impressed upon Jewish minds. Multiple attempts for emancipation came forth but were never truly acted upon, the first being in December of 1789 and last in 1806 under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte. During so, life altered dramatically for Jews living in France while anti-semitic political wars fought for their resentment of them. For the better, this represented one of the greatest periods of transformation for Jewish communities. Despite their resentment amongst most of the French Christian population Semitist, life was overall bettered during the Napoleonic era. For many grueling years, the Christian church dominated European law prior to the era of the Enlightenment. However, in December of 1789, it was brought to the National assembly’s attention that many semi-potent Frenchmen were in condolence with the Jewish communities’ importune for equal citizenship. Due to such opinions, the first three meeting sessions were held to discuss the matter on December…

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