The Battle Of The War

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As the battle began, most of the Samian fleet deserted. Herodotus isn’t sure about which triremes fled and which didn’t, as the reports he received were confused. The Samians were first in line in battle and once they had set sail for home, the Lesbians who were second in line did the same. The Chians were the most heroic people during this fight. They had contributed one hundred ships to the combined fleet, each containing forty men. This speaks very highly of the Chians. Even though most others around them had decided to flee in cowardice, they stayed and fought showing how courageous they were. However, these actions did not work out well for them. They did capture some of the Persian ships but only had a few ships themselves, so they …show more content…

However, this did not always work out in favor for Darius and his Persian army. The Battle of Marathon was the first time that the Persian army had not succeeded. “In the Battle of Marathon some 6400 Persians were killed; the losses of the Athenians were 192.” (p.363). These numbers alone are enough to show the significance of this battle. The Athenians turned back the Persians, making it unable for them to subdue Athens. This battle showed that the Persians weren’t invincible, they could be defeated. This defeat was very hard on Darius. He worked on gathering a second invasion but he died before this could happen and his son, Xerses would finish the war for him. The second phase of the war was when the Persians arrived on the Greek shore with thousands of troops. In 480 B.C., Xerxes approached with 600 ships. It is estimated that he had 150,000 troops with him. However, some people, including Herodotus claimed there was millions of troops under Xerxes command. The Greeks only had 5,000 troops including Spartans, Phocians, and Locrians under the command of Leonidas. This battle is known as the Battle of Thermopylae. The Greeks plan was to hold off the Persians at this narrow pass between cliffs and the sea. However, they were defeated because a Greek traitor showed and led the Persians around the mountain pass and led to the slaughtering of the Greeks and Spartans.
One example of Herodotus being inaccurate is his estimation of the number of troops that

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