The Bay Of Pigs Invasion

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The purpose of the Bay of Pigs Invasion was to overthrow Fidel Castro as leader of Cuba and help stabilize the Cuban government. Fidel Castro started the MR-26-7, an anti-Batista group. At the time, Batista was the so called president and he claimed to be running a disciplined democracy.The people saw this as a dictatorship takeover. Castro ran the group as a clandestine cell system with ten members in each cell and they did not know the whereabouts or activities of the other cells. He was building his army to take Batista down. Between 1956 and 1959, Castro lead his Guerrilla army against Batista’s forces. Batista became unpopular and by 1958 they were sent in a retreat. By December 31, 1958 he resigned. In addition, he fled Cuba, taking with him roughly $300,000,000. Therefore, the presidency fell to Castro’s candidate, Manuel Urrutia Lleo, while most of the cabinet was made up of MR-26-7 members. Castro took the role of Prime Minister on February 16, 1959. His first order of business was to get rid of presidential elections, the same as the man he took down. This was the start of Fidel Castro 's reign. The United States wanted to make Cuba into a democratic country and stated that Castro was going to lead the nation into a communist or dictatorship country. America needs to cut the communists off and have a country that had the same political views, a democracy, and one that we would not have to fight in order to keep the country safe. This idea to invade Cuba and

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