The Beatles' Influence in Pop Culture Essay

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The Beatles' Influence in Pop Culture

The Beatles were one of the most influential music groups of the rock era. They were able to conquer and influence pop culture with their music. Initially they affected the post-war baby boom generation of Britain and the W.S. during the 1960s, and later the request of the world. Certainly they were the most successful group, with global sales exceeding 1.3 billion albums. During the sixties, The Beatles using revolutionary ideas in their music inspired a generation of young adults across the globe to look at life from their perspective.

While they were originally famous for the light-weight pop music, their later works achieved a combination of popular and critical acclaim perhaps unequaled
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Beatlemania was all the rage trend of buying Beatle's merchandise and products. After the exposure of the Beatles' TV appearance, the group's popularity rose enormously everywhere in the world (Stokes). They brought the love of British rock and roll to the American public, and soon after them, many other British groups became famous in the United States. It is sometimes called "The British Invasion" at a hard time. The Beatles became famous during the time of the Vietnam War, and they used their lyrics to express their political, social, and spiritual beliefs to an audience that was against the war (Romanowski 59).

According to "The Beatles-A Biography", their biggest year was 1964 when they conquered the biggest record market in the world - America (1). The group became symbols. America was mourning the death of President John F. Kennedy and the Beatles appeared on the scene to bring them fun and excitement, ending their mourning ("The Beatles-A Biography" 1).

The Beatles toured America for the first time and starred in their first motion picture "A Hard Day's Night". In 1965, The Beatles' second motion picture "HELP!" premiered. Later that year, The Beatles performed at Shea Stadium in New York to a crowd of 55,000 screaming fans. Their tours did have their darker moments. The first being in Tokyo, Japan, where the Beatles were locked up in their hotel and were not allowed to come out until show time. The next was in the Philippines when, on
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