The Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

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Is learning a foreign language really necessary? Currently, millions of students from different backgrounds are learning a foreign language in school. From 1960-2009, the worldwide student enrollment into foreign studies has had a steady rise (except for a slight dip in 1995). Communication among different languages is what has made the world strive, and foreign language supplies adults and students with advantages. Students should be required to take foreign language. Students that have foreign language experience and knowledge increase the chance of having job opportunities and career options. First off, research shows individuals that knew a foreign language improved on a few skills that a majority of businesses would consider important to possess (Doherty 2016). According to a study from the Pennsylvania State University, the skill of switching between two ways of speech, structure, and writing makes those people good multitaskers. In one of Pennsylvania State University’s studies, bilingual and monolingual people took part in a driving simulator while doing distracting tasks. The results of the research found that the bilingual individuals made fewer errors in their driving than monolinguals (Merritt 2013). Some research also suggests people that were taught another language are better at solving complex problems and are more creative than others that received no foreign language instruction (Doherty 2016). Some people may argue that the number of bilingual jobs

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