The Benefits Of Renewable Energy

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Ever since the late 19th century, people have been trying to perfect energy sources to make their lives easier. An ideal Energy source is one that costs little to produce, little to maintain, and yields a high energy output. We found a temporary resource that we used for over a century, coal and natural gases. The problem with sources like these are that they will eventually run out. Renewable energy is energy that can be produced without depletion. Human have been using a form of renewable energy for hundreds of years, such as the watermill. Renewable energy is needed because it will never run out, it is more efficient than today’s methods, and it does not pollute the environment with greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Renewable energy has many benefits such as the unlimited supply of it. Renewable energy comes in many forms such as solar, hydropower, and wind-power. Each source can never run out unlike the main suppliers of today will eventually run out. In a high population country like America, you can bet that a good form of transportation is needed. In America, the main source of transportation is cars but planes, trains and boats also largely contribute to CO2
Emissions. The average American uses approximately 23.4 barrels of oil a year. This plus the amount of people living in the U.S. equates to 20.7 million barrels each day. This leads to the U.S. importing 2/3rds of its oil from other countries. Since 1999, the oil in these countries have depleted

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