The Benefits Of Tort Schools

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Individuals are allowed to sue school or school districts who failed to keep their children safe. This is known as a tort. According to Chapter 12 of Education Law, “Tort law allows individuals to sue for compensation for wrongful interference with the body, property, or reputation” (Imber, Geel, Blokhuis, & Feldman, p. 441). Usually, a tort suit involves a private individual and another individual or agency, such as school, for harm done to them or their family. In this scenario, the parents of a child are suing the school system for not adequately looking out for the safety of their child. From the information provided, I know the family is seeking monetary damages from St. Tammany Parish school system for not doing everything they could to make sure they child was safe. The parents are claiming that because of improver supervision, their child was injured by another student. …show more content…

In the past, teachers had more protection from tort suits, “Whereas schools and their employees once enjoyed protection from tort suits under principles of sovereign immunity or government officer immunity, these immunities had been severely curtailed or eliminated in most states” (Imber, Geel, Blokhuis, & Feldman p. 441). This has allowed for parents to bring suit on behalf of their children against induvial teachers, schools, principals, districts, and even individual school board members. Usually, principals would be held liable for not adequately ensuring the safety of all students or not properly training teachers. They can also be liable if they knew dangers of their school, but no action were

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