The Between Federalists And The Anti Federalists

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When the Constitution was initially introduced in the United States, it created several disputes all across the nation. During this time, there were two major parties who battled over its ratification. These two parties were the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The Federalists sought the successful ratification of the document, while the Anti-Federalists were very much against its ratification. The views of both sides were very different and each side established several reasons as to why it should or should not be ratified. We analyze these beliefs in several papers that were produced and presented by both sides. In these documents, many aspects of the Constitution, especially in relation to representation and the role of a centralized government, are discussed. Despite these conflicting views, the essays analyze many similar topics throughout them. One of these papers, "Letters to Brutus," analyzes the different opinions behind the Constitution and where representation lies in a society. The article delves into the terror that can arise in the presence of an absolute power under a constitution that exists without proper representation. The letters also observe arguments which include the difficulty a single government has while attempting to maintain control over a nation that is large and extremely diversified. How could a centralized government represent the interest of all of the individuals with such an inefficient system? The Brutus papers examine how confidence
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