The Bible Is True And Not Myths

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Archaeology has verified that the bible is true but how? First, archeology has confirmed the biblical stories are true and not myths, as the world believed, because of ancient sites and civilizations discovered. Second, manuscripts that were found and translated has shown people today how the people back in the bible lived and worked. Last but not least, archeology has shown where major events, like battles, have gone on and during what year, they happened. According to Archeology and the Old Testament, the book of Judges took place around the Iron Age period, which was 1200 – 586 BC. Excavations have provided some useful information about daily life in ancient Israel during Judges, including the land, climate and people. However, before we learn about how people lived their daily lives in Israel during the Iron Ages, we should learn about the geography of Israel. The land of Israel stretches from Dan in the North to Beersheba in the South and from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Transjordan in the east. Israel 's landscape is divided into five main regions and even though the regions are in the same place they all receive different amounts of rain, which produce different crops. The first region, the coastal plain, goes along the Mediterranean coast to Rosh HaNiqura, receives about 25 to 16 inches of rain which is a great place to grow grain. The second region, is the central mountain range that goes from Galilee to Negev Highlands; this region receives from 20 to
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