The Big Picture of Littering

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In most places as people look around they would see lots of litter. The litter that people see is not just there it affects them. Littering looks dirty and costs money to clean up. People litter and make places look dirty which costs people in a couple of ways. Littering is making a place untidy with trash such as paper, cans, bottles, and any other items that are left in public (Google). Littering is a major world problem because of people being irresponsible, where it comes from, disintegration, pollution affects, health effects, economy affects, how it affects people, and statistics.
People litter because they’re lazy and they throw it out of their car on the freeway (R. W. Beck). Litter also happens because people don not care about littering. The main causes are that litter is already there or they assume someone else will pick it up for them (Litter… It Just Isn’t Natural).
Litter does not just come from people throwing it in a place it does not belong. Litter comes from improperly handled garbage and commercial refuse. Construction sites, demolition sites, loading areas and delivering areas often leave materials that become litter. Uncovered trucks, motorists, and garbage collectors do not often clean up everything that they use and it get left behind (Litter… It Just Isn’t Natural). People do not think enough about litter and the cause and effects of litter. That is probably the biggest problem that leads to litter being left behind. Disintegration is another

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