The Big Short : Inside The Doomsday Machine By Michael Lewis

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The Big Short “It ain 't what you don 't know that gets you into trouble. It 's what you know for sure that just ain 't so” – Mark Twain [1]. As children we are taught to look both ways before crossing the street because something can be approaching at either side, as adults we have yet to learn to look to the past and then back to the present to prevent ourselves from causing the same economic mistakes. It is no secret of mine, that I have the strong notion that majority of our American society is lazy when it concerns self-educating, but also blind to the destruction we may cause due to greed. I have decided after our in-session viewing of the film “The Big Short” to write my final paper on the information and effects that were portrayed by the film which was based upon the novel, “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine” by Michael Lewis. This film for many Americans was a necessary wake up call to educate themselves about the causes behind the Financial Crisis that struck our economy in 2007, and what better way to educate an over indulged lazy society than to put it in a movie with attractive actors breaking down basic financial terms into layman’s terms. Most people like to find a source or a cause to blame for any problem they seem to find themselves in, so in the blame game “Who caused the Housing Market Bubble and who lead it to burst?” Who do we pick: the Originator of Mortgage- Backed Securities, Credit Rating Agencies, Mortgage Loan Officers, Real…
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