The Bill Of Rights By Donald Lutz Essay

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“Second, the political process defined by the national Constitution.” There were two reasons the Bill of Rights was dangerous, “first, any listing was bound to leave out rights that would in the future be considered important but by their absence from the bill of rights imply that they were not protected.” This meant that in order to ensure that every member of the public was represented, the list of enumerated rights would need to be quite long.
The author, Donald Lutz continues, “second, since bills of rights were statements of commonly held values and commitments, and there were differences in these values from state to state, a national bill of rights would either have to contain the least common denomination and thus leave out things considered important by many people…” That is to say, not every right on every state’s bill of rights could be included in the national Bill of Rights. So, some rights would need to be eliminated despite the fact that they were important enough to be in a state’s bill of rights. Or an amalgamation of rights would be created by taking the rights state’s bills of rights found most important. Something has to give and there was no way to satisfy every person from every state.
Two of the most known and vocal Federalists were James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. These two men had different effects on the creation of the Bill of Rights and because there is a Bill of Rights appended to the Constitution this means the Federalist lost the
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