The Birthmark by Hawthorne

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Representation of Evil In Hawthorne’s short story “The Birthmark”, Aylmer feels that his wife Georgiana is a miracle and that she is perfect. Her only flaw was the birthmark in the shape of a hand placed on her cheek. Instead of focusing on all her Georgiana’s perfections, Aylmer only focused on one of her flaws, the birthmark. Aylmer constructs a statement about her birthmark saying that, “It was the fatal flaw of humanity which Nature, in one shape or another, stamps ineffaceably on her productions, either to imply that they are temporary and finite, or that their perfection must be wrought by toil and pain.”(Meyer 345) Aylmer’s abhorrence for Georgiana’s imperfection is a representation of evil in this story, he talks about Nature or God and how spiritual he is during the whole story; but his key focal point shifts to her imperfection. This is a representation of evil for the actuality that she carried one physical defect and that is all Aylmer could focus on. People like this are called pessimistic, since they only concentrate the awful or expect the worst. Georgiana was perfectly at ease for the way she was until her husband kept making comments about her until she became self conscious about
Middleton 2 it and started to loathe what she admired most. His original love and appreciation for his wife turned into an obsession of trying to mold her look the way he wanted her to, not the way God intended. In the end Georgiana felt as though she would rather die than to

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