The Black And Colored People

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The problem in the communities of the black and colored people in America is there need to feel equal to their dominator. What happens with the black and colored people is they succumb to lower levels than they are worth and capable of to appease the problem. For example during the separate but equal era black business were booming, Black Wall Street was thriving, and black children were just as smart if not smarter than their other counter parts. Not by choice but because they had to be in order to compete the same is true today but less so. Their education was not monitored and didn’t have to be white washed because it was ran by the people that looked and lived like them. During desegregation the life of American African people changed forever, in some ways for better and other ways for the worse. Integration was the turning point in the wrong direction for black people in my opinion. This was the start of internalized colonization done by European Americans. The American Africans have become “assimilated” and very docile or “overconformity” as Ruth Caven would say, to European culture. In doing this some black leaders will go out of their way not to step on the toes of European Americans because they feel a closeness and familiarity. This feeling of closeness hinders the ability to call them on the carpet for slavery, segregation, and all the other crimes up to date. In beating around the bush the problem cannot be addressed in any way shape or form. Not talking about
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