The Black And White Women Of Jacobs 's Book Form Bonds

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How do the black and white women of Jacobs’s book form bonds in response to maledemands and how does race impact “sisterhood” or feminism in the era before the Civil War: Argument: feminist Advocacy: Before Civil War a new wave of feminism is raised in America and soon spread out all over the world because in that time women of America was self-employed and they did jobs, face different problems. Therefore, we say the next wave of feminism is the feminism’s second wave.In this wave, they raised topics according to situation of that time but we see it is co incident that these are the same issues that world faced in todays too. These issues are sexuality regarding family and workplace environment, rights of reproduction, inequalities whether it belongs to de facto sideor from official or from legal side (Jacobs, 1861). In this era of feminism, women of US came from houses and raised the benefits of income because now they entered into mainstreamof public life. Theywere raised job gains through the professions like they went into the military, media, public services and sports. Now they proved that they are the strongest part of the society (Larson, 2006). Second-waveof feminism grabbed the attention of society to the violence that women faced from both sides like domestic and outside like places of work. They also raised attention of the people to the issues of rapes like marital rape, rape with underage girls, and the crisis of rape and also tried to portray

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