The Black Cat Analysis

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The Tale of Two Cats The title of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” leads the reader to believe the short story is about one black cat. However, almost in the middle of the story a second cat emerges. Are the second cat one of the nine lives of the first cat? The narrator seems to be struggling with this question and considering the genre is horror, I as the reader also struggles with this question. Since the narrator hints the second cat may be the same as the first, the reader must look at the similarities and differences of the two cats; such as, they both loved the narrator, both are missing an eye, and the cats have a difference in the color of their fur. In the short story, both cats follow the narrator around the house. The …show more content…

When the narrator looked at the cat or thought of what he had done, he would only become more infuriated and one day he finished the job by hanging the cat in a tree. The second cat was missing an eye when the narrator found him. He found the second cat in one of the establishments he frequented to drink his alcohol. The morning after the narrator brought the second cat home he discovered, “like Pluto, it had also been deprived of one of its eyes” (Poe). No one knows how the cat lost the eye, but it led the narrator to distain it more because it reminded him of Pluto and what he had done to the first cat. However, the loss of the eye caused the narrator’s wife to love the cat more. After looking at these similarities, we can see why the narrator was questioning if this was Pluto or a different cat, but we also must look at an important difference. Such as, the difference in the color of their fur. The first cat was a solid color with no other markings. Pluto, the first cat, was a solid black cat without a single white hair. The narrator states, “the cat was remarkably large and beautiful animal, entirely black” (Poe). The wife made frequent comments saying black cats were known to be witches. This notion of this cat being a witch because it is solid black alludes that the second cat may indeed be the same. However, the second cat was not one solid color. When the

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