The Black Cat Analysis

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The Black Cat set in the 1843 setting tells the tale of a narrator and predicament. The story goes on in elaborates on the journey of the narrator of murdering a black cat. That later in the story, comes back to haunt him. A haunting which makes him tap into his unconscious drives. Internal drives that were exposed by the unreliable narrator in the black cat.
Furthermore, the inconsistencies of the counts told by the narrator emphasize the unreliability of his character. Although his account seems credible, there seem to be holes in the story he fabricated. One instance illustrates this perfectly. The excerpt in its full length laid on introductory details of the account of the narrator. However, one quote had brought a new dimension to what we thought we knew about the narrator. The quote stating, “ FOR the most wild, yet most homely narrative which I am about to pen, I neither solicit belief. Mad indeed would I be expected, in a case where my very senses reject their own advice yet, mad am I not.” ( The Black Cat pg.1). Interestingly, the quote acts as a warning to the reader. Comparable to a mature tv show stating viewer discretion is advised. A warning which tells the readers to believe what you want to believe. The quote in itself contains a contradiction. A contradiction that due to his inconsistency of his account exposes his unconscious drives. In the quote, the statement of the story that he told is so unbelievable that even himself cannot believe it; contradicts

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