The Black Cat By Edgar Allen Poe

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Although Edgar Allen Poe is widely considered a romantic writer, some of his short stories can be categorized as more real, than romantic. Realism is a genre of writing that focuses primarily on telling stories of real life, ordinary events, whereas romanticism focuses on emotionally driven, often times imaginative stories. Knowing that information, we can see that “The Black Cat” contains a mixture of both realist and romantic elements. Overall “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe should catagorized as a realist piece of literature because the events that take place in “The Black Cat” are events that one might see on the news or read in the newspaper. The story’s plot is driven by human misbehavior or vices, instead of supernatural elements that cause the man to commit heinous acts of violence and lastly the man accepts the crimes he has committed and comes to the understanding that he only has himself to blame for his wrongdoings and he must face the consequences of his actions. Romanticism contains stories that are often imaginative, with stories containing supernatural elements such as unnatural, mysterious people or hard to explain events taking place. Realist stories are driven by events that one may witness in real life and are influenced by human activities and nothing more. In “The Black Cat” we witness a recalling of a homicide and what drove the man to commit the act. Unfortunately in today 's society we see cases of murder and domestic violence everyday on the news
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