The Black Death In Medieval Europe : The Death Of The Medieval Ages

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When the medieval time period comes up, people may view it as a time of suffering. With the Hundred Years’ War, the crusades, the multiple plagues, and the corruption of the church, it is no secret that it was a dreadful time. The slow developments of cities, the empires of Europe, and the corrupted church were all considerably influential on this world. With all of these things going on, people thought it was the end of the world. The first way to describe the medieval world was with the development of cities. With all of this death and destruction going on, it was obvious that the people weren’t too wealthy at this time. Farmers didn’t know how to maintain crops with the weather not cooperating either. This means there was little to no food in the village, which made the plague all the worse, even killing off entire towns in some cases. A human without any food is more susceptible to diseases, which could be one of the main reasons these diseases became so deadly. The plague that was most common back then was the Bubonic Plague which was later called the Black Death. The Black Death alone killed off about a third of the population of Europe during this time. The Black Death was one of the worst plagues in history and was spread by, what was believed, fleas and small rodents. Once this was figured out, it was stopped by the common man pretty quickly, although it is still around today.
People were living in such bad conditions that a book by Thomas More was written, named

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